Saturday, December 31, 2016

Thank God there is a cat at this New Year's Eve party. Meet Hunter S. Tomcat. via /r/cats

Cat. via /r/CatsStandingUp

Those eyes! via /r/cats

Bentley doesn't like it when you look at him via /r/StartledCats

I told him it was a new year. via /r/StartledCats

Leaving work at 3:30am my friends came across this one in the parking lot. After seeing she only had 3 feet, I couldn't leave her there. Meet my new little girl, Lizzie. via /r/cats

Spoiler alert: he fell. via /r/cats

! via /r/StartledCats

Cat. via /r/CatsStandingUp

My plans for 2017... via /r/cats

It was so cold on New Year's Eve 2008 that the little stray kitten that we had been feeding on our deck finally came into our house. We named him Cookie. All these years later and we're lucky to have a healthy cat who loves staying warm in the sheets. via /r/cats

Catnip and a box! via /r/StartledCats

Cat. via /r/CatsStandingUp

Cat. via /r/CatsStandingUp

Sometimes he forgets to put his tongue away via /r/cats

A few months ago someone broke into my mom's car. They didn't take anything, but they did leave behind this handsome beast. Reddit, meet Major Tom. via /r/cats

Meet Dante. He's rescued me a lot this month from depression after I rescued him. And he's growing up so fast! via /r/cats

She's been sick (nothing serious just an upset stomach) and wouldn't let go. I guess this is how I'm spending new years. via /r/cats

Rewatching The Office. Dwight played the recorder. via /r/StartledCats

Cat. via /r/CatsStandingUp did you find me!? via /r/StartledCats

Cat. via /r/CatsStandingUp

My beautiful boy enjoying the last tiny sliver of sunlight via /r/cats

Cat. via /r/CatsStandingUp

Our Tinsel Princess has been "helping" us take decorations down. via /r/cats

My girlfriend is celebrating New Year alone with her cat instead of going out or talking to anyone..can't blame her though... via /r/cats

She likes to sleep next to me while I'm computering via /r/cats

I think I interrupted their meeting via /r/cats

Our two girls are getting better about sharing the blanket via /r/cats

They hate each other except when they're on either my bed or one specific chair in the family room. via /r/cats

Cat. via /r/CatsStandingUp

Cat. via /r/CatsStandingUp

"Look at my paws, I cleaned them all by myself" via /r/cats

Funny Cats to end off 2016 via /r/StartledCats

Cat and Printer via /r/StartledCats

My boyfriend who doesn't "like" cats via /r/cats

Meet our new Bengal kitten, George! He purrs super loud and is generally insane. via /r/cats

Cat. via /r/CatsStandingUp

Girlfriend and I got a little kitty at the shelter this morning via /r/cats

How Pokémon Go saved my cat's life via /r/cats

Friday, December 30, 2016

Poor old Millie just had her last day on earth after nearly 20 years. via /r/cats

Cat. via /r/CatsStandingUp

This box is mine! via /r/StartledCats

Cat vs. Baloon via /r/StartledCats

Cat. via /r/CatsStandingUp

Cat. via /r/CatsStandingUp

Cat. via /r/CatsStandingUp

Cat. via /r/CatsStandingUp

This little face always comforts me when I'm down via /r/cats

Daddy's home via /r/cats