Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Sushi was not prepared for an up close picture

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The neighborhood stray brought her babies to my friend's house

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Not feeling great today but this guy makes it all better

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Made friends with this lovely cat who I find on my journey home each day

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Hobbies include chasing lasers, scratching posts, and fine art appreciation.

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Saw this cute cat with heterochromia outside McDonalds earlier, couldn’t get her since I’m going back to work, should I go back for her? :(

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Mittens of House Floofminster, the Fur of Her Mane, Protector of Mlem, Queen of Meowreen, Catleesi of the Great Catnip Sea, Mother of Meows, Lady Regnant of the Seven Caturdays, Breaker of Blep. Also, my first adopted Khajiit.

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My sweet big cat, Cartoon. Died yesterday at the age of 13 due to liver cancer. I miss him soo much.

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A moth fluttered by

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She is scared of heights but still climbs the bunk bed ladder.

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My mom couldn't find him for a while...

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My heart just sank to my stomach. You can have all the scratches and all the mushy food!!

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The recycling truck snuck up on the house!

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A spider on the ceiling, a lizard on the wall.

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Took these two in recently. They laid down for a well needed nap together, inseparable ever since.

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Lick, Lick, Nyoooom.

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My cat always sleeps with me.

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meet our newest kitty! need name suggestions, top so far is leo❤️

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This is Samantha, my best friend!

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When your slipping off the top bunk and you remember the wildebeest stampede is right below you.

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Monday, September 18, 2017

Waking up

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Yesterday was my previously feral son, Jiji's, first birthday! He has stubby ears.

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This is Lua. Her back legs were paralyzed in an accident when she was a kitten. Thanks to a local shelter she got a chance at life and she now lives a very spoiled life on her own island!

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After funeral, this cat can't leave its owner's grave

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My friend had to re-home this 8 year old lady so I gladly took her in. I was worried she would be tense and scared after being transported somewhere new. Glad I was wrong.

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When the vacuum turns on

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Stayed at a mates house and woke up to this fella in the morning

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My bengals snuggling - white female, gravelly brown male

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When you hear people talking about you

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Mid-Nap Camera Flash Startle

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Music was too loud. Still felt suspicious after I turned it down

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Was trying to take a nice pic of the cuddling kittens when suddenly

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A few days ago r/cats helped me think of some names. Meet the officially named Petunia! I'm still in love.

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Snow leopard sneak attack

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I can't seem to find my cat

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A very special cat in my life.

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3, 2, 1...

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