Monday, November 20, 2017

Cat. via /r/CatsStandingUp

Steve, adding some positivity to my day. via /r/cats

Baby Arugula startled upon learning that the houseguests will be taking her new home away from her via /r/StartledCats

Thought this was a cool picture of my cat Kiddo via /r/cats

Oh I'm sorry, were you sitting here? via /r/cats

Juniper Sugarpaws talking to some dragonflies via /r/cats

Winnie was surprised when I informed him that he is, in fact, a cat- not a human. via /r/StartledCats

Cat. via /r/CatsStandingUp

System malfunction, require headbutt to reboot via /r/StartledCats

Despite being adopted at different times and live in a home with multiple cats, Bucky and Sam are best pals and have become inseparable. via /r/cats

Winter cuddles on the cat chair via /r/cats

Cat. via /r/CatsStandingUp

"so you're saying that meowing at 6am cause I'm hungry is wrong and I shouldn't do that?" Happy Birthday, buddy via /r/cats

Cat. via /r/CatsStandingUp

This is Chicken. via /r/cats

My 9 year old cat never showed affection. I came back from a 3 day trip and woke up to this. via /r/cats

Cat Surfing via /r/StartledCats

Cat. via /r/CatsStandingUp

Cat via /r/StartledCats

Cat. via /r/CatsStandingUp

Lil miss Penny Lane ..getting her grin on 😇 happy baby feline via /r/cats

Sir McKitty the brave via /r/cats

Cat. via /r/CatsStandingUp

My one-eyed huggy bear. She also has crooked fangs that stick out, an ear tip, and she farts like a champ. She's also the sweetest, kindest girl in the world. She was a feral who nursed the orphaned kittens at her foster home and slowly grew to trust people. via /r/cats

My cat went missing several years ago... I searched everywhere for her but still catch myself hoping I'll find her in a random internet cat post. via /r/cats

My dad was playing with our cat and suddenly my BF sneezed via /r/StartledCats

Big cat given a big startle by formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton. via /r/StartledCats

Meet Tesla, the most gentle soul in the entire universe. via /r/cats

Cat. via /r/CatsStandingUp

Sunday, November 19, 2017

[x-post /r/floof] This floof lives at Disneyland. His name is Giovanni. via /r/cats

Cat. via /r/CatsStandingUp

Found yesterday in the middle of one of the busiest roads in my city. We go in for a full check-up tomorrow. Wish us luck! via /r/cats

When I turned on the laser via /r/StartledCats

Dinner time and our deaf cat is fast asleep, but her sense of smell seems to work just fine... via /r/cats

Sunday. via /r/cats

Cat. via /r/CatsStandingUp

Cat. via /r/CatsStandingUp

Gary always dresses dapper via /r/cats

Cat. via /r/CatsStandingUp

Cat. via /r/CatsStandingUp

Cat. via /r/CatsStandingUp

I've told her I don't know how to paint, but she keeps posing like this anyway. via /r/cats

Cat. via /r/CatsStandingUp

Cats are funniest! via /r/StartledCats

He wasn’t impressed by my sneeze via /r/StartledCats

So my friend found a stray giraffe, shes a cuddly little girl. (The vet isn't open until monday but we're hoping shes chipped so we can find her parents) via /r/cats

Someone abandoned this sweet soul, so I decided to give him a forever home here with me, and my 3 other rescue cats. I think I'll call him, Gonzo via /r/cats

Buys expensive toys for your cat... but she prefers living in a box forever via /r/cats

I asked Reddit, and you helped name her. Meet Willow. via /r/cats

Orange boy does a weird little leg spin startle via /r/StartledCats