Saturday, July 15, 2017

I spoke with the Admins about sharing Facebook & Instagram pages for your cats after being worried about the privacy ruling on Reddit. Suffice to say, /r/cats will now be allowing Facebook & Instagram pages for your cats. There's one condition though.

After the fallout of this post right here: promised OP/Rey that I would speak to the Admins regarding this matter and to quote the Admin I got in contact with:It's okay to share a pet's FB or Instagram page as long as it's not malicious or lead to harassment of the pet owners.If it leads to malicious intent or leads to harassment of the pet owner, we'll restrict them again.So go ahead folks, enjoy the new rule that we're going to allow them.Sorry for the confusion on my part, I thought it'd fall under personal privacy restrictions, but as I promised, I would seek out a higher ruling on it and the higher power ruled in your favor so we're changing our stance on it.Thanks for making this subreddit as awesome as it's been and continue to do so folks, we love you and your fuzzies! via /r/cats

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