Saturday, April 21, 2018

This is Casper, the friendly cat...the friendliest cat you'll know! All the cats around the farm will scatter if you try to get near them, except for Casper. He will run up to you if he sees you and ask for pets. He is the head of mouse control at the farm. via /r/cats

Brought those brothers home. I'm sure they will be happier in our home than in the streets ! via /r/cats

We adopted this guy a few years ago as a traumatized little kitten, scared to even be around humans. He grew into the most loving cat and can’t ever get enough petting now! via /r/cats

I was surfing the Internet at a cafe and then all of a sudden... via /r/cats

The way my cat naps via /r/cats

Say hi to Loki in his first posed photo! via /r/cats

Lucky has been on diet of a few days now. Today I realised why we decided on that... via /r/cats