Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Cat. via /r/CatsStandingUp

My Baby Ruth. Isnt she just so beautiful? via /r/cats

My cat made a great face today. via /r/cats

Look at her serious face when I'm giving chicken instead of salmon via /r/cats

Cat. via /r/CatsStandingUp

Bubbles is one tired kitty! via /r/cats

I'm a kitten foster mom and I got all 7 kittens to look up at me at one time AND get a pic of it. They are 6 weeks old now. Meet Marcus, Karen, Callie, Mr. Poopy Butthole, Mr. Anakin Grey, and the Buff twins. via /r/cats

I adopted my 16 pound cat from the shelter August 1st- this is her favorite way to get comfortable. via /r/cats

went to pick up some dressers I bought off of craigslist the other day and somehow also left with a kitten via /r/cats

Looters via /r/cats

Cat. via /r/CatsStandingUp

When lizards sneak attack... via /r/StartledCats

My cat when we brought a kitten home. via /r/StartledCats

My cat is afraid of a stuffed animal and I think it's really cute. via /r/StartledCats

Pressure cooker release freak out (x/catpranks) via /r/StartledCats

Let go of me human via /r/StartledCats

Cat. via /r/CatsStandingUp

Guard cat protecting the pet store via /r/cats

My foster, Paige has been available for adoption for 6 months with NO interest. She is such a little charmer. via /r/cats

Abandoned, hungry and infected. Amazing what a few months of good care can do via /r/cats

Rescued my cat as an adult 2 years ago. She's gone from hating her belly touched to laying belly up on my lap. I love her via /r/cats

We had a squeaky visitor last night! via /r/cats

This is Chester! He is such a goofy little guy. via /r/cats

My Ginger Tabby Ginny loves me more pregnant via /r/cats

Cat. via /r/CatsStandingUp

Wife Lives Startled Cats, Just Bought Her This Shirt! via /r/StartledCats

On the bedside table to watch over me. via /r/cats

I can always count on Nyx to help me make the bed via /r/cats

Spartacus , wondering where the laundry went! via /r/cats

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Pickle taking the evening off via /r/cats

My blue eyed baby via /r/cats

Cat. via /r/CatsStandingUp

Purrrinters are terrifying! via /r/StartledCats

Bugsy's backyard hunting adventure! via /r/StartledCats

Bunch of cute kittens playing around via /r/StartledCats

Probably my best impulse buy. He's surprisingly cool with it. via /r/cats

My cat likes food other than fish shaped treats I guess! via /r/cats

I've been to the vets, had my kidneys flushed, and now I'm sleeping it all off. via /r/cats

My shifty cat via /r/StartledCats

My shop cat does this every morning when I vacuum. He's not amused, but I am. via /r/cats

Excessive reaction to a booping via /r/StartledCats

My little pillbug via /r/cats

Wife spent a lot of time setting up this terrarium. via /r/cats

It's been almost 6 months since you've passed; but I miss you and think of you every day. via /r/cats

Trying to steal a treat via /r/StartledCats

Eleanor soaking up the sunshine! via /r/cats

[Mourning/Loss] My first Cat Lady, Sappho, 16 years old, went to sleep today. via /r/cats

Everyone meet Hampton! via /r/cats

Sometimes Lana and Archer love each other enough to cuddle :3 via /r/cats

I officially think my cat is part dog via /r/cats