Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Dusty, Age 18 - The look I get when I prioritize my bodily functions over her breakfast

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George being easily startled tonight.

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Lili poses her Hermès scarf

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This old man passed away today after 18 years. He lived a fun life. RIP buddy

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Stray Cat Strut!

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went to cat cafe yesterday and saw this hard working employee there

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I'm Freaking Out!

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A picture of my Siamese mix mid complaint

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Only one year old and in ridiculous good health. Just love her and want to share.

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Pinned by 3 at 5AM

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Not one year ago, he was an angry and afraid (and skinny lol) rescue :)

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Curious Penelope

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Getting her head stuck

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Sometimes me and Ben take siestas together.

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Ice fishing

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Ellabelle's favorite pillow- The Male Human

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Never a dull moment with this little man :)

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Sometimes she'll just dead stare directly above my head like she's looking at someone behind me that only she can see.

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Monday, February 27, 2017

Nathan's first big boy bed

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My beautiful Tanzania. She won't be around much longer, but we plan on making the time we have to be fantastic.

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I guess thats one way of doing it

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Glad to see my old bud has taking a liking to the new kitty

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I present the most adorable cat couple

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Tanner and his beautiful eyes

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I lost my best friend yesterday and I will always miss him. ❤

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Foot, why have you betrayed me? (xpost - r/aww)

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puss in boots

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(Ex)GF wants me to throw my cat out of 8 years old because she hates cat. I chose my best friend over her. Say hello to Maxxy.

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One startled cat startles another

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Can anyone tell me what breed my Momo is?

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We saved a pregnant senior cat last week. She had her babies this morning!

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Juno; forever aloof

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Found a toy that even my grumpy old man cat likes

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2 continents, 4 houses, 5 cars, countless girlfriends 😜. My faithful companion for the last 24 years, the one and only Willy.

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This is our cat. We have another, but this one is prettier.

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