Sunday, April 30, 2017

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Cat.exe has encountered an error and stopped working via /r/StartledCats

what is it even scared of? via /r/StartledCats

hey look at this :D oh sh*t!!!! via /r/StartledCats

This is Diablo, the sweetest shelter cat in the world. via /r/cats

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All that and a bag of chips via /r/StartledCats

Two homeless brothers just started walking inside with me. Now they wont leave via /r/cats

She found me while I was walking from the underground parking garage to my apartment. She had a collar wrapped under her legs and around her body, was shaven and malnourished. I took her in, and never looked back. Reddit, meet Nala, 7 month ago vs today. via /r/cats

Headed on a business trip, will miss my squad while I'm gone 💔 via /r/cats

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He just realized he actually likes tummy rubs via /r/cats

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r/cats, meet Luna via /r/cats

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My cat has seen some shit via /r/cats

This photo is basically my dream come true - nighttime hand holds & snuggles with the two loves of my life. via /r/cats

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Bought a new bed for the dog so that he will give me more space on my bed.....this is what happened via /r/cats

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Thor's mane is coming in nicely via /r/cats

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Went to bed at 1 pm with a huge anxiety attack. Five minutes later these two joined me and started giving me head bunts - the best SSRI in the world. via /r/cats

Pizza Cat gave birth to two tiny calzones! via /r/cats

Someone shot me with a pellet gun. The vet says I'll be ok but I'm a little on edge now. via /r/cats

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After his disappearance six weeks ago, I found my cat!

I found my cat. I found him because a kind stranger told me on a Facebook lost and found group she saw a cat that looked like Louie on her way home from the bowling alley which is in the suburb next to ours. I'd just got home from work and was utterly exhausted, getting ready for bed. Without getting my hopes too high, I jumped back in the car and drove 5km to the now deserted bowling alley. It was close to midnight. I called and called for my fluff and couldn't believe my ears or eyes as he responded and appeared from behind some bushes near a dumpster. He was thin and starving, but aside from that he was ok. I cried and cried the whole way home and from the minute we got back he hasn't left my side. I still feel like I'm dreaming. He's had quite the six-week journey to get all the way to where he did and manage to not injure himself or get killed on the way. He is the light of my life and words can't explain the happiness and relief I feel right now. Thanks to a wonderfully thoughtful stranger on Facebook, I have my cat back. My world just got that much brighter after being in a 6 week state of numb sadness over my missing cat. I love you my little Louie bear, welcome home ❤️Here's Louie! (and me) via /r/cats

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Attempting to work on my final paper for a class, I have plenty of "help" via /r/cats

For his birthday he ate grass and a spider via /r/cats

Saturday, April 29, 2017

'Ello I'm Caspian via /r/cats

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Cat. via /r/CatsStandingUp

My girlfriend was just reaching for something and her little kitten jumped backwards via /r/StartledCats

My roommate whispered "pssst" via /r/StartledCats

Today, I went to the shelter to get a dog, but I came home with Pineapple instead. via /r/cats

The ultimate compilation via /r/StartledCats

Miss you Ratatat. You were a strange but wonderful cat. via /r/cats


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I am obsessed with this picture of my cat. via /r/cats