Tuesday, May 23, 2017


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Weird cat and bouncy ball

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Living the plush life

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My tortie doesn't get fluffy until after her arms

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My wife and I adopted our 3rd cat over the weekend. This is the most still Groot has been so far.

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She tried to eat the feather, and then played dumb when we told her 'No'.

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Fluffy feeties

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On her first birthday, she finally stopped moving long enough for me to snap a decent photo. It's a reverse birthday gift!

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What I show people when they ask why I say she's odd.

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The human-hating stray we took in 6 months ago

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But look, I fit

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Boop the nose.

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Cat goes for a 'swim'

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RIP Three years too short. I miss him so much.

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This guy turned 10 last week

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Ping too high, startling lagged

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Monday, May 22, 2017

Today I found out this kitty's owners got evicted and abandoned him. I took him in out of the rain, bought him num nums, and here he is getting belly rubs...squirming around on his back, purring like a little kitten. He's the cutest cat I've ever met (and I think he's mine now:)

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He's 20, if you can believe it.

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She only has one pure white whisker

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Me and my girlfriend got our first cat also! Reddit meet evee!

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THANK YOU to whoever posted the LPT about putting the litter box outside for a lost cat. Totally worked and helped our little Olive find her way home today!

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You think THAT was Cat Parkour? No... THIS is Cat Parkour.

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My boyfriends mom told me I should look under a tree in the yard. I was pleasantly surprised to find out there were kittens~!

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Three years after finding this girl (who had part of her face shot off) on an adoption website, falling in love, charming her protective foster momma, driving 1600 miles, and gaining her trust after much blood shedding on my part, I think I can officially say that Dandy is my SoulCat forever.

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There are two types of cats

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Found out today that my beloved 10-year-old cat, Link, has cancer & a real crap prognosis. What will I do without his sweet face once he is gone?

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Hi, this is Boris being Boris [Xpost /r/catbellies]

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Cat parkour

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So it turns out crocheting in peace and having a cat are mutually exclusive

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2 of the kittens we have in rescue this year 😍

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She values my wet-towel service on hot days

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Deaf longhair gets a startle

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Caught Mordecai looking majestic in front of a painting

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Little kitten in a basket

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Get matching friendship collars so you know it's real.

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Near perfect circle

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